a sea of orange in rocky top tennessee

this past weekend the boys and i took a trip with pappy (alan's dad, jeff) to go and visit "the tennessee eargles." they have been quite an elusive group since i have only met one of the eleven and heard so much about them, but this was an opportunity to meet the family that actually live in the rocky top state and others that travel to knoxville for football games (at least some of them).

QUICK SIDE STORY: Alan's grandfather, Gran Po, had an identical twin brother, Bill, who had eleven children, not to mention that their mom, who is Alan's grandmother's cousin, went through having all of these little darlings, including one set of twins. They grew up in Mississippi and most of them now either reside in the deep south or in Tennessee.

it was a very nice weekend. we experienced knoxville for the first time, having some wonderful sushi on our inaugural night and eating the rest of our weekend at a tailgate hosted by a lovely, die-hard UT fan named Frank, wearing tennessee orange. one of the weekend's running jokes, since i'm a UK grad, another SEC school, was that i would have a hard time switching loyalties for a day but i enjoyed my shopping spree for orange attire and proudly sported my blue nail polish for my alma mater. the game didn't go so smashing for the Vols but we enjoyed meeting family members and spending time together. here are a few shots from the weekend. ok, in my defense it was the end of the game when this shenanigan took place. the score was 30-6 Florida and i was a momma away from her little guy for too many hours, responsibility went out the eargle picture. Eddie, left, Anne Marie, organized the entire weekend and actually lives in Tennessee (and has an extensive orange wardrobe), and Jeff, Alan's dad. i also met John Paul, Michelle, and Andrew. in total i met 45% of the tennessee eargle clan. they were all a delight!

btw, wilhelm had a babysitter the entire time we were at the game and tailgate. he had a smashing time with her, which was assuring for his parents.