a week to go, and a week behind us

in less than a week we will have a new baby girl in the mix of our eargle family! june 1 is fast approaching and the boys & i are getting super excited (anxious) about our new family member making her big debut. our bags are packed and we'll soon be on our way (hopefully with an agreed on name by daddy & momma too)! this will be a very busy week, if i can get past the horrible stuffy head that has set in and stomach virus that keeps visiting me, and one that will go i'm sure at warp speed. hope to be sharing lots of pictures with you next week and following to introduce you to our new daughter.

our past week had a few highlights of mention too.
  • alan headed to alabama for a business trip for three days. he was quite nervous that the baby would get into motion and choose to enter the world while he was away, but thankfully she held off. he had extreme plane delays on friday night due to horrible thunder storms, so wilhelm & i both gave up on waiting up for him even though we gave it our best effort.
  • when daddy was away wilhelm had his last day of preschool. he and i both will miss his tuesday and thursday mornings at school, but hopefully we'll have lots of playdates with school friends and august will be here before we know it, when he will start a new school for three days each week. here is our pint-size, live-in, clown's picture on his last day of school.
  • after helping alan's younger brother move into his new apartment we headed to the movies. taking a trip to the movie theater is a favorite treat of alan & wilhelm's so we headed to matinee showing of Shrek: The Final Chapter. We all found ourselves a bit disappointed. The entire movie was quite dark, a little scary for wilhelm and not filled with many funny moments for alan & i. The main message of the movie was very adult focused rather than kid focused, which might have been the intention. As a fan of the cartoon series we were a little disappointed with the last installment. But the boys did enjoy the popcorn. We'll be looking forward to our local theater's FREE summer children's movie series and Toy Story coming out in June, those will suite wilhelm's fancy.


a family fun party on the farm

this past saturday we hosted wilhelm's preschool class at our farm for a family fun outdoor party. thankfully the weather was picture perfect, right up until the last family left and then the flood gates opened for a major downpour.

the purpose was two-fold for us, to celebrate the end of school with our little guy, his friends, and their families, and to have one last BIG "thing" for wilhelm before the BIG arrival of his baby sister (we are now two weeks away, unless she comes before then). of the 12 classmates, eight were able to make it the party with their families, along with one of wilhelm's lexington friends (maya, who has made blog appearances before) and her family, one of the teachers from wilhelm's class, and alan's dad, pappy. the day included fishing, bubbles, hiking, eating, a hot dog bar, other good food, and just enjoying the company of friends. there were nearly 40 people in all and i was just glad that they all were able to navigate their way to the farm without getting to misplaced in the country.

we had such a grand time, but were exhausted at nights end. my only regret of the day, besides not planning all of the fine details until a few days before (i typically have a bit more energy and time to spend on party planning but for some reason most of the details were left until the thursday before this time), was that i didn't take nearly enough pictures. i didn't even get a picture of wilhelm with any of his friends or the desert table where i made alan's favorite kick-back to childhood dessert, worms & dirt cake. this is the only glimpse you get of the day, the rest is a memory for us and those who attended this past saturday.

tuesday tball

since april wilhelm has been involved in his first organized sport, tball, and he LOVES it. yes, we've done swim lessons, gymnastics, and music class, but tball is different. with tball wilhelm is in a league, even though they don't keep score, and it has been an investment of time & money for his daddy and me. its a new experience for us all, but its been a blast so far.

i feel as though our days of sitting on bleachers to watch sporting events in the sun have just begun, and alan & i couldn't be more excited. i can't say that we have the next child baseball prodigy on our hands, but i do know that the most important thing is that he is having SO much fun each week.

it is a true pleasure to watch wilhelm and his teammates each Tuesday night as they dive on each other for the ball, smile from ear to ear while running the bases, and wave at their cheerleaders on the sidelines. they all have improved so much from their first practice, lets just say wilhelm had a Forest Gump running moment in practice #1. our Cardinals are a joy and here is a glimpse at their first game. i hope to take a few more shots before the season is over.