A Catch-Up To The Present

Once again I have been very poor about keeping our blog up to date. As I work on getting a few budding projects started, Alan continuing to have a VERY busy schedule and Wilhelm daily becoming more inquisitive (which requires a little more attention and direction from momma), the days fly by with little time to update our happenings for our friends and family to read on the blog.

Here is a quick pictorial catch-up of the last week or so.

We had a fabulous day as a family at a local park. Both of us couldn't believe just how big Wilhelm looked and the determination he has to achieve what he is working on.
Aside from playing on the jungle gym we manged to have a stick fight,pitch some ball,
ride on the tire swing, and
just some time to squat and think.

The next day we attended a local baseball game. The picture of Wilhelm is a little blury, because we truly could not get him to sit still. I'm not sure if it was the excitement of the ball park or all of the food he ate. Needless to say, he and daddy had a grand ole time.Along the way he caught a ride with his cousin Lily Grace while they spent the day at their Daddy Will & Gran's house. Wilhelm looks a little frightened, which is rightly so with that crazy girl driving.
Gran provided a little more ease at days end.

My intention is to do a better job at posting regularly, but I won't make any promises. We plan on taking a trip to Chicago next week to visit friends so I'm sure that will provide for many photo opportunities to share with you. Stay tuned...