It's Fall!

Even though the weather in Kentucky doesn't consistently feel like fall yet it is fall on the Palmer family farm (my parent's homestead). This past weekend marked the annual Palmer Family Fall Gathering. It is where 200+ of my parent's closest friends get together for good food and great fellowship. They have been having a version of this cookout since the early 90s.

The event is something that many look forward to the third Saturday before the fourth Monday each year in October. There is food, hayrides, a bonfire, and fireworks. This year we had two couples fly their private planes, using a mowed strip of land as a runway, to join us. A group of guys from Denmark and an exchange student from Italy. Alan's parents also came in to spend time with us and enjoy the event.

My parents work so hard to make it an enjoyable day and evening for so many people and by Sunday are simply exhausted. I wish i would have snapped a pic of them yesterday at the festivities, but i was feeding Wilhelm when they did their welcome to the crowd.

I did happen to catch Wilhelm playing in the rocks with a childhood friend of mines son, Orian. They enjoyed their time getting dirty, it was just difficult to keep the rocks out of their mouths.
It is hard to believe that they are only a week apart!

Today was a day of clean-up and recovery. It was a fantastic evening and we appreciate the hospitality of my parents.


Girls, Horses, & Cousins, Oh My!

I've been a little behind in updating our blog because the movers came this week and left us a sea of boxes, but prior to that we had an eventful couple of days.

Last weekend great friends of ours from Geneva came to visit. Maureen and the girls, Tate & Laine, flew in on Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday. We enjoyed time on the family farm, took in an art show, and spent the afternoon at the Kentucky Horse Park (the highlight of the trip!). Here are a few shots from our time together.It was group bath time on Saturday morning. This will be a great picture to pull out in the future!There were many beautiful horses to enjoy at the park on Sunday. I believe Tate and Laine may have rode horseback all the way back to Chicago, but they were persuaded by Maureen to take their flight out that afternoon. We miss you girls and hope you visit again soon!

On Monday, my mom & i took Wilhelm, Lily & Hannah to my uncle and aunt's house in Bowling Green, KY (about 2 hours from Louisville). There Wilhelm met his great uncle and aunt, and 2nd & 3rd cousins. They have all seen many pictures, but never gotten the opportunity to interact with him in person. It was a a super hot day, but we managed to get in a little outside time. Here is some of the group.Tim, Wilhelm, Chloe, Bethany, & Camille took a break from playing, while Carlie Mae, Lily & Hannah jumped around.

It was a full couple of days so it was important for Wilhelm to have a restful remainder of the week at his Gran's house. Alan & I have been working from morning to night at our new home in Lexington and normally picking up Wilhelm once he is asleep. It will be nice to be settled soon.


A Meeting of Grand Portion

We were lucky enough to earn a spot on the itinerary of Alan's Granddaddy and Kelly Clinger's trip back to North Carolina from Chicago last Thursday (yes, they were suppose to visit us while they were there but we moved before they could). This was their first time meeting Wilhelm. Wilhelm found a lot of enjoyment in his great granddaddy's beard.Our visit with them was delightful and Wilhelm was given some unique music makers and other toys. It was also his first experience opening gifts by himself. This gave us great insight into what a fun Christmas it will be.Our visit with the great grandparents ended with a dinner, minus Wilhelm (my mom & dad graciously watched him), at one of our favorite Louisville eateries. It was a grand evening in every way.


Each Day is Something New

It seems like each day Wilhelm learns something new and it makes parenting an amazing experience. As he inches in on his nine month birthday the little guy is crawling around every which way and just yesterday he has started saying, "ba baa," when people leave the room (and the sound is accompanied with a wave too). He shows such pride in his new accomplishments. Hopefully we will get a new video camera soon so I can capture some Wilhelm moments for you all. This is him taking a break in the grass while we were at a cookout for Alan's new job. He looks like such a little man to me here. It is ashame that we can't freeze time!