A First Birthday Bash to Remember

Wow, it really has been one year since our son, Wilhelm Clarke Eargle, was born. In celebration of this special day we threw a splendid birthday bash with family and close friends at our home. A wonderful time was had by all, especially the birthday boy. It was quite an experience to see the joy in his eyes throughout the day. And, I know it seems crazy but I think since that day he looks older. He is even doing things that one-year-olds do like climbing up step ladders and throwing balls! As fast as this year has gone it frightens me to think how fast those in the future will be, however I am excited to see how our special son develops into a young boy.

Here are a few shots from the birthday party.This is a picture of one of Wilhelm's cakes and his guest's favors. Alan and I ordered personalized Jones Soda bottles with Wilhelm's picture on them for all of our family and friends in attendance.
The singing and picture flashes took Wilhelm a little off his game when it was time to blow out the candle, but...

he soon regained his composure and sense of humor when it was time to dive into the cake.
It was like Christmas all over again! Wilhelm received many generous gifts. He appreciated his friends and Daddy helping him to open.

I would like to say that I have a good picture of him passed out after the days activities, but the boy is a partier and didn't go down until nearly 10 o'clock that night. He wanted to stay awake as long as possible to celebrate his birth time at 9:54 (CST), even though he missed it he lived out his first birthday to the fullest.

Thanks to everyone who made his day special!


A Quick Hello to A Friend

On our way back from visiting Alan's parents in Cincinnati, OH, we were able to cross paths with one of my old college roommates and good friends, Anne. Anne was in from Texas, staying with her parents in Northern Kentucky for the holidays. It was absolutely wonderful to catch up with her and even just to see her. She is in Texas to get her masters degree in play therapy and hopes to be back in the Bluegrass state by the end of 2008. Though our visit was short it was simply wonderful. Hopefully we'll see Anne again sooner than later.

A First Christmas, Oh So Bright!

We'll always remember Christmas 2007 as Wilhelm's first Christmas. It was a glorious time for Alan & I as we watched our little boy gasp and shrill in excitement at the lights on the tree, the presents to open, and the other bright moments that come along with the holidays.

I find it impossible to record all of our special moments during this Christmas, but here are a few special ones.Wilhelm enjoyed each time we would pack to travel somewhere. It was hard to tell if he really wanted to go since he pitched out everything that was put in the suitcase and then jumped in himself. Possibly he wanted to ride in there, instead of his car seat. Only a few short weeks until he can forward face in his car seat, yeah!
Wilhelm received a rocking moose from Santa Claus this year.

His stocking also included some goodies.
Daddy Will and Gran began a new Christmas Eve tradition by reading The Night Before Christmas to the grandchildren.
Christmas morning included a big country breakfast, many presents, and matching pajamas. I think my mom is a little more sure about her excitement than the children are.
Eight children, in front of a camera, expected to stand still for a posed picture. I don't think this was a bad attempt. These are Wilhelm's 1st and 3rd cousins. Chloe, Lily Grace, Camille, Bethany, Timothy, Hannah, & Carlie Mae. What a group! They had such a nice time playing with each other.
Aside from boxes and paper, this Curious George doll was one of Wilhelm's favorite presents he received. It was from his Pappy and Nanna Eargle.

One of my favorite pictures taken during the holidays was of my goofy niece Lily Grace and her Uncle Alan. They are such hams!
Our family was so blessed in 2007 and we look forward to what 2008 sends our way.