A Roadtrip

A few weeks ago I received word that one of my dear friends from Geneva, Maureen, was experiencing a few sudden health issues. Some of you may know her or recall me talking about Maureen while we lived in Geneva. She played such a significant role in my life when I was pregnant with Wilhelm and we developed a great friendship between our families. When I heard about her health I felt compelled to help out in any way that I could so I headed to Illinois to make a visit and do a little babysitting (Maureen's daughters, Tate & Laine, have been featured in the blog before.).

Since Alan had no way of getting out of work I asked one of my friends, Radhika, who happens to have family who lives in close proximity to Geneva, and her daughter Maya, who happens to be Wilhelm's favorite playdate and girl around the town, to join us for a roadtrip to the North. It was a grand adventure as we left out early Monday morning and returned late Friday. We had great conversation and great kids, with the exception of a slight mood set back on our return drive. I think it was part protest and part upset stomach, mainly from Wilhelm with sympathy cries from Maya. Thank goodness there were two mommas in the car. Radhika got quite a workout on the way back!

While we were in Geneva we visited with Maureen and her girls, along with some of our friends from there. I captured some, not all, of our moments and have put the best pictures below to share with you.

As I write this email I've also gotten an update from Maureen about her health. They plan on monitoring an aneurysm in her brain and some blockages she has. Our family continues to pray for Autie Mo Mo's good health.

this is joy and eli. eli was so kind and let wilhelm play with his new train set.

wilhelm's friend simon and he, surprised to see the camera.tate and wilhelm snuggled for a morning nap. she had a snow day from school so they had some good quality time before we headed back to KY.
this is maya, occupying herself in the car seat with a toy string.
or maybe she is entertaining her riding companion. if you look close enough you can see the remnants of the chocolate chip cookies radhika made for our trip home on wilhelm's face.