a fall day at the park

this past week lexington started seeing some wonderful weather conditions, and great fall weather. of course, we are in kentucky so by the weekend we'll be back into the 80s but wilhelm and i decided we would enjoy it while we could.

yesterday we met some friends at a local park for a picnic and some playground fun. thought i would share some shots from the day.
our family LOVES fall and we are anxious for each day to feel like fall!


a TAG response for julie

this post is open for everyone to read but is particularlly for our friend julie (who currently lives in Oregon) who recently sent me a blog tag. normally, i would honestly just ignore something like this, but i didn't want to be the one of the three people that she tagged that didn't do it and julie is a faithful reader of our blog (sometimes i feel like the only reader! thanks julie for the feedback) so i wanted to return the favor to her.

basically a tag is where the tagger answers specific questions and then tags other bloggers to do the same. here is my attempt at julie's questions:

3 joys:
  • unexpected leg hugs from wilhelm clarke
  • family dinners with my parents, brother's family and my boys
  • a walk outside any fall day that it is comfortable to wear a sweatshirt and jeans
3 fears:
  • someone kidnapping my child
  • my husband or child dying prematurely
  • close spaces

3 goals:
  • find a place to "settle" for longer than one or two years
  • start my own biz in the next year or so, or go to baking school
  • raise a wonderfully, well-rounded child while still managing to be a supportive, fun-loving wife
3 obsessions (i think i have lots of these):
  • cleaning my house and making sure everything is in its place (slightly OCD)
  • decorating/project magazines and websites
  • baking the perfect treat (and trust me it has to be perfect or i develop a complex)
3 random surprises:
  • i've never dyed my hair
  • my dad and i have an ebay biz for antique and vintage goods (we are called repeated history, unfortunately i haven't listed anything all summer because of family drama, but plan on starting back up in the next week or so)
  • i was engaged for longer than i dated my husband
so there you have it. a few questions answered about me. i'm never really good at these because i always over analyze and try to get something exactly right that really has no right or wrong. anyway, i tried to complete this fast and without thinking too much.