So Many Thanks on Thanksgiving

Our family had a really nice trip to Baltimore, Maryland, over the Thanksgiving holiday. It is tradition for Alan to always spend turkey day at his Gran Po & Gran Mo Eargle's. This was Wilhelm's first experience at the festivities, actually it was his second but he experienced it slightly differently last year in his momma's belly. The littlest Eargle of the bunch enjoyed the trip from the start. Here is Wilhelm helping Daddy move the suitcase to the door. When we arrived it was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. First item of business was to help mix the enormous amount of dressing Gran Po made for the 19 family members and some neighbor friends. And yes your eyes are not tricking you, it requires one to mix with their hands in a LARGE Tupperware tote container.After a little inspecting Wilhelm made it a family affair and decided to jump in and help too!
The outcome is always a delicious one with the rest of the turkey dinner.
Thanksgiving day was lovely in Baltimore. The temperature was perfect for playing outside in the leaves. Here are some pictures we captured of Wilhelm. They really show how thankful we should be for the beauty of nature in the fall.
With so many family members around, we all had great conversation and were kept occupied. Wilhelm had a blast playing with his Nana on a car that was Alan's when he was young.
Our trip ended with celebrating Gran Po's 80th birthday, a few days early. He was surprised with a visit from some relatives from Tennessee and a dinner fit for a king. A grand man who deserves oh so much for his 80 great years, happy birthday Gran Po on November 28.
Alan, Wilhelm, and I were so thankful that we could make the trip and spend time with family. It was a short visit, but the quality of our time is what really mattered. It was a great Thanksgiving 2007.



Reflecting on this past week it is hard for me to believe how much Wilhelm has developed in just seven days. Often times it is difficult for me to see his changes since I'm immersed with him daily, but he hit two big milestones this week that made me step back and realize just how fast children grow up.

After many failed attempts in past weeks, Wilhelm, without hesitation, mastered the art of climbing stairs and also stood upright by himself. I admire his fearlessness in both instances. He shocked me so that I didn't even have time to catch him in the act (I say this because we do not have stairs at our house, but my parents have an easy one-two from their living room to the kitchen.).

However, Alan did manage to snap a shot of Wilhelm wrestling with his diaper. I thought that it could potentially be a sign that he is nearing potty-training, but I believe I'm kidding myself and it simply was just entertainment, for him and for us.

In Costume

Well I am truly embarrassed with the untimeliness of this post. With the piles of "stuff" around our loft I misplaced our digital camera's transfer cable, which takes pictures from the camera to the computer. But alas you must wait no more to see glimpses of Wilhelm's first Halloween.

For those of you that aren't Eargles, you have to understand that costume development for this event is quite an undertaking. In July, I had proposed that we begin thinking of Wilhelm's first costume, but with the new job, the move and the stresses that come along with it this item of business was pushed to the wayside. Unfortunately, we were unable to do a creative, homemade family costume and resorted to a good alternative that we found at our local Old Navy. Here is our little pirate enjoying the evening.
For the evening we went to the town I grew up in and then stopped in to see my parents. Along the way we met up with a delightful princess (Lily Grace) and an enchanting butterfly (Hannah Kate). A good time was had by all. Because of our situation this year discussions have already begun for Halloween 2008. I will have the sewing machine ready. Stay tuned!