It's Fall!

Even though the weather in Kentucky doesn't consistently feel like fall yet it is fall on the Palmer family farm (my parent's homestead). This past weekend marked the annual Palmer Family Fall Gathering. It is where 200+ of my parent's closest friends get together for good food and great fellowship. They have been having a version of this cookout since the early 90s.

The event is something that many look forward to the third Saturday before the fourth Monday each year in October. There is food, hayrides, a bonfire, and fireworks. This year we had two couples fly their private planes, using a mowed strip of land as a runway, to join us. A group of guys from Denmark and an exchange student from Italy. Alan's parents also came in to spend time with us and enjoy the event.

My parents work so hard to make it an enjoyable day and evening for so many people and by Sunday are simply exhausted. I wish i would have snapped a pic of them yesterday at the festivities, but i was feeding Wilhelm when they did their welcome to the crowd.

I did happen to catch Wilhelm playing in the rocks with a childhood friend of mines son, Orian. They enjoyed their time getting dirty, it was just difficult to keep the rocks out of their mouths.
It is hard to believe that they are only a week apart!

Today was a day of clean-up and recovery. It was a fantastic evening and we appreciate the hospitality of my parents.