a new day

today is a new day! a new start for our family blog, a new experience for wilhelm, and a new opportunity for momma. lets start at the beginning.

after a variety of apologizes about starting & stopping the blog, and a major summer hiatus due to life events & schedules, we have again arrived on the blogging scene ready for a new fresh start. i'm energized to try to provide more information about our family's life, aside from the
wilhelm chronicles, and hope to have regular readers. my goal (goals are good!) is to blog at least once a week. i normally give others lectures on babysteps when they find themselves at a difficult juncture in life of making a decision or trying to find time to do something, so now i must tell myself, "babysteps, once a week is ok if that is all you can find time to blog!" in the coming weeks i plan to add some new features to the blog for your reading pleasure.

the last two new experiences go together.

today was a big day at the eargle household, our little wilhelm clarke went to his first day of school. albeit a parent's day out program for only five hours of the day, one day a week, it is an opportunity for him to seek independence and social skills away from his parents. the hustle and bustle of the first day kept Alan & I from loosing our composure.

here are a few pictures from the start of the day.
i love this last picture. i realize that it is out of focus, but he was so excited to get into class that his movements caused a blur with my novice camera skills. it symbolizes to me just how fast raising a child goes. amazingly they grow-up right before your eyes, and it almost seems unreal or blurry that time can go by so fast.

today is a new for me too, i'm extremely happy for my son to have the opportunity to go to this program but it is one of my first lessons in how someone else can be there for my child besides myself. it is a wonderful way for him to gain his independence and a wonderful way for me to find mine again. i look forward to seeing what this experience brings for us all!


J-ROK said...

YAY! This makes me SO happy!!! I cannot believe how BIG Wilhelm is! Even the fact that he's walking like he's been doing it for years- time flies :)

Shannonehill said...

I'm so glad you are doing this! I read a couple of your blogs when Julie started. I also can't believe how big Wilhelm is! It seems like just yesterday you guys were sending out baby photos.

Lauren said...

Such my little big boy.... I can't wait to see you guys in October... I bet he is going to be ten times bigger every time i see him. Love you all.