a post of gianormous proportion

do bloggers get a summer break? whether they do or not, this one took quite a summer vacation from typing the happenings of life and instead stored up some photos to share of the last four months since i last posted.

one would think that after taking a blog vacation for the summer that i would take those energies and put them into finishing the renovations on our house, so we would finally be able to move out of my parent's guest room. that is a very nice thought, but the renovations continue! the reality is there is SOOOOOOO much to do and we have such little time to do the improvements ourselves, but we continue to chug ahead and hopefully by mid-October we'll be in part of the house (at least that is what i'm lead to believe today).
the end of last school year brought two graduations: Uncle Ben (alan's brother) from high school and Lily Grace from preschool.

when daddy's went out of town we had sleepovers.
and played LOTS of dress-up. i learned that my son needs a more versatile dress-up closet or more male cousins or sibilings.
the KY eargles joined LOTS of eargle's in knoxville, tn, for a family reunion on the lake. a fabulous time was had by all, late nights & lots of laughs. it was basically a big bunch of eargle awesomeness!
our niece ava belle is continuing to grow into a delightful little gal.
lily grace began kindergarten, along with her new glasses.
i took my first dip into baking for a LARGE event. a wedding at a horse farm in shelbyville, ky.
a beautiful day, that was amazingly exhausting with 10 dozen cupcakes (3 different kinds), 8 dozen bourbon balls, 5 dozen mini-derby pies and 12 dozen cookies (5 different kinds). i have another scheduled for october, and who knows what the future holds. hopefully better pictures of the product.
our wilhelm started a new school. much better than our last attempt. he absolutely enjoys each tuesday and thursday when he gets to go to his school.
recently we went to columbus, oh, to celebrate grandpa mccalla's 80th birthday and cousin carolyn's 60th birthday. it was a lovely weekend, which included the boys and i camping out in the backyard.
this is by far my favorite picture of the summer . it is a pic of us done by using my camera timer (never have done that before. i know not that difficult!) during one of our family movie nights.the eargle family blog is returning this fall with a new look and i can't wait to see what we get into! thanks for visiting and continue checking in on us.


J-ROK said...

Yay! This was`a much anticipated update! LOVE the pic of Wilhelm playing dress-up! Now I'd like to request some pics of this house you mention... or maybe I just need to road trip :)

MB said...

Yaaaay! You're back!

Joy said...

winona! so glad to read your update! i can't believe how big wilhelm is!!!! glad you guys are doing well!! :)

Frank said...

WOW!! Wilhelm is getting so big. the pic with him and the backpack and the popped collar makes college seem not too far. hahaha. Thanks for putting these up! We MUST plan a visit sometime soon with you all.