a 60th birthday celebration for mom

friday, february 20th marked my mom's birthday. this year it wasn't just any birthday, it was her 60th celebration of her birth into this world. and my family wasn't letting it pass by without doing something to celebrate!

now my mom is a special lady all-around. she is an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. a person that always puts others before herself, incredibly generous with her time & money, and loves living her life for the Lord. simply she is someone i aspire to be like, in those ways, and am super lucky to be able to call her my mom. its hard to think that anything is good enough for what she deserves, but because my mom is who she is, she finds joy in everything others do for her. one other characteristic of my mom, is she is SUPER easy to pull a surprise on, and that is where her 60th birthday story begins.

along with 23 other family members and friends, i gathered at the Old Stone Inn Restaurant in Simpsonville, KY, awaiting the 6:30 arrival of my dad and mom at dinner. upon arrival they were escorted to the room where everyone was waiting to yell, "Happy Birthday." they were greeted with that sentiment and serenaded with the lyrics of the famous birthday song. needless to say my mom was taken aback and overwhelmed surprise. i think she described it by saying she was, "weak in the knees."our dinner was tasty and topped off with the three cakes that i made: carrot, apple, and devil's food. mom did a fabulous job blowing out her candles with the help of my niece lily grace.the night is one that i feel like she will remember for quite some time. here is a shot of my parents and some of their closest friends. unfortunately i was unable to get a picture of my mom & her brother, sister in law, her niece, melissa, and melissa's family before they had to travel back home two hours or so.this is a picture from the night that i couldn't pass up posting. it is my hunk of a husband posing for the camera. doesn't he just make you smile or possibly he makes you wonder just what he is thinking.anyway, happy 60th birthday mom! you are loved more than you'll ever know.


Shannonehill said...

Your decorations are always so cute! That is definately a classic Alan:)