a delayed birthday post, and some more

the 2nd birthday of our little boy has come and gone, and once again i have managed to be a little tardy on posting to our blog snaps from the day. but i have good reason. i'm not trying to give excuses, but it is relatively legit why this is the first time you are seeing or reading anything about wilhelm's party. let me start from the present and work backwards.

thats today! wilhelm and i have spent the entire day indoors since the state of kentucky has been declared a disaster due to a major snow and ice storm. we've read lots of books, watched Horton Hears A Who (what a great movie!), talked to friends on the phone, and played with lots of toys.

i was just lazy and did not take the time to write this post.

mondaywilhelm enjoyed time with his cousins while my mom nursed me back to health. according to my sunday evening urgent care visit, some how i picked up a not so nice virus. after an absolutely miserable day on sunday, monday was slightly better. but since my medicine seemed to knock me out, mom was to the rescue while alan went to work. typically alan would have just stayed at home, but i couldn't have been sick on a worse day- his busiest day of the month. wilhelm, lily, and hannah had a blast terrorizing our house and keeping gran busy. it was very nice to have my mom to watch over me until my husband could get home and take care of us. i know i was in the best hands possible, but man do i feel absolutely helpless!

spent the major part of the day paving the way from the bed to the bathroom with extreme nausea. due to the state of my health i wanted nothing more than all the bad feelings to go away so the boys and i headed to the urgent treatment center to wait for a couple of prescriptions. oh happy day!

we were visited by alan's great friend from college, Drew (he has made appearances in past blog entries). Drew drove down from Dayton, OH, where he lives. he managed to pull away from his incredibly busy attorney schedule to spend some time with our family. we had a delightful time with him and my intentions were to snap some pictures, but after our saturday evening meal i was out of commission. hopefully we will see him again soon and we'll capture some of his fun time with wilhelm.

to not break our traveling spree that we seem to embark on each weekend we were headed to mason, oh, to enjoy Great Wolf Lodge. these types of lodges are popping up everywhere these days. for those of you unfamiliar with like establishments, they are indoor water parks. the reason for our trip was to celebrate the 14th birthday of Alan's youngest brother Sam. water parks , in general, are one of alan's favorite things, but the ability to go to a water park in the middle of winter was an amazing experience for him. on the other hand wilhelm wasn't so sure from the start (see picture of him with the bear below) but warmed up quickly. from the water to our cupcake birthday celebration a nice time was had by all.thursday
i honestly don't remember why i didn't post on this day.


wilhelm had his first gymnastics class (pictures hopefully to come in the future) and we celebrated his friend Martin's second birthday.

monday & tuesday
were spent in or around my parents house. on monday we found time to take a friend to a family friend who does wedding dress alterations. the boy and i also had lunch with two of my dear friends, Emily & Anne (both old college roommates of mine, boy does that date me).

downloading pictures to the computer and cleaning up the house from our super second birthday party.

that was the day that we celebrated wilhelm clarke eargle's second birthday! we had a grand time with family and close friends who could make it to our train party. wilhelm couldn't have had a better day! he truly enjoyed playing/visiting with all of his friends and family, got into the entire birthday gig with singing, opening presents, and even attempting to blow out his candles (he was successful with his attempt too!!!). now here are pictures from that day.
i'm typically not a cake mold person, and still am not, but after receiving this terrific train mold for Christmas i thought that every little boy needs a train shaped cake once in his life. so i put my personal preferences aside and made the train cake.after getting personalized Jones Soda bottles last year Alan and I decided that it would be an annual thing. once again this year wilhelm had his own bottle for everyone to take home, along with a little hobo stick.wilhelm's cousin lily grace worked many days prior to his party on a special birthday card. the card was great, and had an AMAZING amount of glitter on it. many kind presents were given to wilhelm. this is him opening his first Mr. Potato Head. a big hit!it took two times, but he managed to blow out both of his candles. this is one of those occasions that i wished we owned a video camera. truly it was humorous to watch and listen to the spectacle that was wilhelm and his candles.

whew, thats it!

after reading this entry and other entries, i've decided that i'm a chronic apologizer. now i'm not exactly sure that that is an actual condition, or if there is something else you may call it, but i know that i have a major problem when it comes to offering apologies. so from this point on i will make it my mission to not apologize for any late post, i'll just post and you'll just read.


J-ROK said...

Winona, you are a chronic blogger apologizer, but you rock at everything else so we will forgive you! Case in point- your hilarious Congrats card to us! Thanks so much! On the other hand, I bought a card for your family this summer and it is STILL on my desk in the "to do" pile- no excuse for that!

Secondly, I LOVE what you do for Wilhelm's birthday's! I'm going to start a notebook of all of your ideas so that I can steal them. Especially the hobo stick gift bags!!!!