a nice thanksgiving holiday celebrated

this thanksgiving we headed on our usual journey to baltimore, although this year it was not by plane, but instead by car. the head colds that we all had made the trip seem like it took for days, but the outcome of the trip was worth it. we spent four days with alan's grandparents in baltimore, along with seeing other family while we were there. they all got their dose of wilhelm love and he enjoyed himself to the fullest. here are a few scenes from our days there.
preparation for the thanksgiving feast starts days before the actual event, but some of the dishes must be executed on the day of. we always help grand po mix his MASSIVE tub of famous dressing. it makes enough dressing for the masses and even neighbors. if you aren't able to tell we use a large rubbermaid tote to do the mixing in. seriously!
for some reason this picture would not allow me to insert it correctly, but you are still able to see how much wilhelm & i enjoyed our task, even if we weren't all the way finished getting ready for the day.same problem with this picture, wacky. this is the whole clan!
we also were around to celebrate grand po's 81st birthday. it is tradition that he gets his cherry cream pie (a family recipe from days past). he also got to wear a cool birthday hat constructed by alan's dad.

it was good times had by all in baltimore this holiday season and we look forward to our next visit.