a daddy & momma weekend away

wow, alan and i haven't been away on a trip, alone, with just each other, in 22 months, until this past weekend.

in celebration of our three year wedding anniversary (october 15) we headed for a weekend away together. after dropping wilhelm off at my family's farm to be watched by his uncle & aunt and daddy will & gran, we headed to knoxville, tn. now i know some of you are saying, "knoxville, tn, really?" and to that i say, "yes!" knoxville was the perfect location for just such an occasion.
  • it was a good starting point get away before we decide to go somewhere many hours away, (only 3.5 hours from where we dropped off the boy child)
  • it is a city we haven't explored much,
  • the drive was gorgeous with wonderful, fall colors on the mountains,
  • and it has a nice hilton hotel, where alan had hilton credit to spend from his work trips.
the weekend was incredibly relaxing and was filled with good food & fun. also, since we were in knoxville we made a point to run into cousin anne marie. it was fantastic to see her and spend some quality time. the highlight of my weekend, aside from the quality time and conversation alan & i had, was sleeping in one of the two days. yeah!

taking pictures wasn't high on my list, but here are a few to share:here is alan & cousin anne marie. she could quite possibly be the biggest tennessee vols fan around. truly everytime i've ever seen her she is wearing orange. it is awesome! on sunday she was cheering for the lady vols basketball team, who spice it up by adding a light blue to the normal orange & white color palette.this is the market square area in downtown knoxville. it is a fun place to shop and grab a bite to eat. we had a delicious dinner on saturday night in the square and walked around on both days.

the weekend itself was well deserved and decided to be a model for weekends away to come. who knows, it may even be weeks in the future! aside from our happiness of celebrating the love a have for each other we did miss our little guy back home. once arriving back at the loft and unpacking wilhelm decided to practice his sailing skills in my suitcase. a great laugh to a great daddy & momma weekend away.


Jen Rico said...

Glad that you guys had a great weekend away!

Lauren said...

That is so great you guys got away for a weekend without a ton of family and everyone around. Such a cute pic of alan and annemarie.