A Day At The Park

Kentucky weather is as predictable as.... we'll it isn't very predictable! Today the temperature was near 70 degrees, it was beautifully sunny, and extremely pleasant. Due to this wonderful respite Wilhelm and I headed to the park to meet our friends Maya and Radhika. It was the first time that Wilhelm swung and slid, and he LOVED it!This picture says it all. Our boy enjoys soaring through the air !
Maya was nearing nap time at this point (that is where the cracker comes in, for distraction), but I love this picture of her because it shows off her stylish new outfit and her curls that make her so darn adorable.Watching him brought out such a youthful side of me and we had such a good time. It caused me to imagine what he will be able to do and enjoy in a few months. He will soon be running laps around me at the park and protesting when it is time to leave (do i really want that time to come?). We left the park with a very dirty and tired little boy! What a great day, and tomorrow it will be rainy and in the 40s because that is Kentucky.


elisabethvc said...

How adorable!! I am smiling because Simon LOVES the slide and he goes down it again and again and did I say it, again and again. We had our first protest while leaving the park yesterday...the plank body and tears, and of course, the cracker distraction which worked like a charm to bring back the little smile. I miss you guys!!!